Is Online Real Estate Lead Generation for Me?

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Is Online Real Estate Lead Generation for Me? In this age of information, more channels exist than ever before for agents to share marketing strategies and ideas. Between online forums, Facebook groups, industry blogs, seminars, and webinars, agents are able to easily share marketing techniques that are working most effectively for them. It does not […]

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7 Rules to Lead Generation Followup

Hello, and thank you for reading the Prime Seller Leads blog! Agents often request information and tips on how to followup with leads generated through their Prime Seller Leads site. This blog post by REALTOR® Mag covers some core followup concepts, all of which can be applied to your Prime Seller Leads. Although technology has revolutionized the process of […]

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PSL is introducing new pricing & packages.

Over the past three years, Prime Seller Leads has seen dramatic growth and changes. With the introduction of PSL 8.0, we decided it was time to make the platform all inclusive, and give busy Real Estate agents the type of solution that they need to be successful with online leads. The ability to provide an all […]

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