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The “Secret” to getting Higher Quality Real Estate Leads Online

GET HIGHER QUALITY LEADS: Do you want to know how to receive higher quality leads from your buyer or seller sites? The answer is EASY. You simply need to send extremely targeted traffic to a page that has been specifically setup for that unique area / community / property type that you are targeting. Let me show you a few examples…..if you do this, you will 100% get higher quality leads.

Let’s say that you want to target individuals that would be interested in selling their downtown San Antonio condo. Most people would just send traffic from Facebook targeting all of San Antonio, or on Google Adwords bidding on keywords such as “San Antonio real estate”. Big mistake. You would still get leads from these marketing efforts, however the vast majority of traffic would NOT be from people who are looking to sell a condo in Downtown San Antonio. A better way to target these specific condo owners would be to target people in San Antonio on Facebook, and then have your ad talk specifically about selling their Downtown SA condo, or find out how much their Downtown SA condo is worth, along with using a high quality image of a condo in Downtown SA. This way the ad is going to resonate with them. Remember, you are after a VERY specific type of traffic. We don’t want people who don’t own a condo clicking on our ad and having to pay for it. On Google Adwords you would be going after keywords such as “Downtown San Antonio Condos”, “Downtown San Antonio Condominiums”, or even better SPECIFIC condominium building names in the Downtown area.

Next…..and this is VERY important……we want to send our traffic to a page that is ONLY built for Downtown San Antonio condominiums. Our page needs to have high quality images of the condos in the Downtown SA area. Our text near the address box needs to only talk about Downtown SA condos. Something along the lines of “How Much Is Your Downtown San Antonio Condo Worth?” THINK ABOUT THIS – we are only sending very targeted traffic that most likely has a Downtown SA condo to a page that SCREAMS Downtown SA condos. The vast majority of those leads will be EXCELLENT high quality leads. Guaranteed.

Here is an example site in action so you can see what I mean:
What about if you were targeting owners of waterfront property in Miami? The same rules apply. For Facebook we want to target people in the Miami area, and our Facebook ad image needs to be of a high quality waterfront property. The ad text needs to ONLY talk about Miami waterfront property. For Google Adwords only bid on keywords having to do with Miami Waterfront property. Then simply send your traffic to a page that is built specifically for Miami Waterfront property, with super high quality HD waterfront property homes, and sales text with something along the lines of “How Much is Your Miami Waterfront Home Worth?” Here is an example site that does this perfectly:

One final example, all the same rules apply as above. If you wanted to target a specific community called Queensridge in Las Vegas you would target Las Vegas in Facebook while having your ad image be a picture of Queensridge, and your sales text ONLY talking about Queensridge. For Google Adwords you would only bid on Queensridge keywords. Then send your traffic to a page that is built specifically for Queensridge, with high quality Queensridge wallpaper images, and sales text talking about Queensridge. Here is an example site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t expect to get massive amounts of traffic OR tons of leads from this. Not enough people will be searching for these unique areas / communities / property types. That’s not the point though, because the traffic and leads that you get from these marketing efforts will be of the absolute highest quality possible. This is a very wise way of allocating your ad budget. This will also work perfectly for buyer sites. Try it out, and let me know how it goes!