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5% Rockstar Agents

To follow up to my last post about 5% Rockstar internet real estate agents….This is a true story about what makes a “5% Agent”. For those of you who didn’t read my post from earlier today about the difference between a 1% agent and a 5% agent, a 5% agent is what I refer to as the super high-end agents or “ROCK STARS” of Internet real estate.

I had the honor of working with a 5% agent several years ago. Let’s call her “Amy”. Amy consistently opened 4-6 brand new deals every single month and her secret was that she was fantastic on the phone. She wasn’t afraid of the phone or being rejected while on it. Amy had the perspective that if a lead asked her to stop calling and that they weren’t interested in buying or selling, that this was absolutely vital information for her to have. The reason being was that if the lead told her that they were not interested in working with her than she would not waste any more of HER valuable time to keep trying to make contact with them. She could then focus on working the leads in her pipeline that she DID have a chance of working with.

One client in particular that Amy worked with was memorable for many reasons. Amy spent 9 months cultivating a relationship with this client, diligently calling and emailing every few weeks with information on the Las Vegas market and communities and homes that she felt would interest her client. When her client finally came to town, Amy was ready and took her around and they quickly wrote an offer on a home that the client loved.

The client then let Amy know that a friend of hers was also in Las Vegas and was staying at the Mandalay Bay hotel on the strip. She happened to mention that this friend was staying on the 10th floor and what an amazing view it was, and that she was going to spend the evening in that friends room. Yes, it was a male friend.

That evening, Amy received a counter off from the other agent. The counter was excellent, however it had one stipulation – the counter offer needed to be accepted by 9pm that evening or the deal was off. It was 6:30pm when Amy received the counter. For the next hour and a half Amy kept calling the clients cell phone which kept going immediately to voicemail. Most agents probably would have just given up at this point and figured there was nothing left that they could do. Not Amy – she reasoned that she had invested 9 months of her time into this client, and with a deal so close to being completed she would not give up.

Amy drove over to the Mandalay Bay, went to a house phone in the lobby, and systematically called EVERY SINGLE ROOM on the 10th floor, asking for the client by name from everyone who answered until she found the client! The client signed the counter offer, and the deal was made.

That type of will to succeed, and determination to make it happen, is what makes a 5% agent.