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Advertising Tips that WORK

Tips for running a successful advertising campaign……..

1) You have full control over every portion of your PSL website. Try HD background wallpaper images that are representative of your area. The more localized you can make your background wallpaper images that rotate, the better your site will convert. Try using specific pictures of your market that are obvious to anyone living there.

2) Experiment with turning off the header navigation menu at the top of your site. See which works better for your market. If you are using the top navigation menu option, make sure that you put your social media links there.

3) Try different themes and color options for your site. There are various different themes, and virtually UNLIMITED color options that you can choose for your PSL site to make it unique and stand out.

4) Try turning the GPS auto detect option on and off, see which works better for your market.

5) Change up the verbiage on Step 1. Try different variations. If there are unique circumstances in your housing market, take advantage of them by having your step 1 sales text reflect this.

6) Try different step 2 and step 3 options, there are different variations that you can use. Experiment and see which one works best for you. For example there are options for turning the phone number requirement on and off.

7) See if having videos on step 2 and step 4 works for you. Think about creating your own custom video with your face and your voice. Anyone can make one of these with their cell phones.

8) Are you drilling down with the available subdomains to get more targeted advertising?

9) For your Facebook ads, try different pictures with the same ad. See which pictures work best for you. There is a reason that Pepsi and McDonalds don’t run the same tv commercials for weeks or months on end, they are CONSTANTLY changing them up. Everyone needs to do the same thing. Keep trying different pictures that are unique or representative of your market. These will always work best.

10) For your Facebook ads, also keep trying different ad verbiage. Using the same text over and over again will not work – see the Pepsi and McDonalds example above.

11) Are you using retargeting? Retargeting is so cheap everyone should be doing it. Look on your Facebook right side ads, seconds after you check out a site lots of time a retargeting ad will show up there. It’s very cheap to get this done, just because they don’t submit a lead the first time they are on your site doesn’t mean they won’t do it if they keep seeing the ads. Again, there is a reason these big companies use retargeting ads so effectively.

12) Try Google Adwords in your market.

13) Try Bing advertising in your market.

14) Place a widget to your PSL site from any of your main websites.