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Buyer Leads + Adwords = GOLD

BUYER LEADS + ADWORDS = GOLD: I think this is useful information for our new group members or anyone who hasn’t seen this before….

Have you ever wondered how you can get the absolute highest quality buyer leads from Google Adwords? It’s quite simple, and it’s guaranteed to work. Interested? Read on…

For everyone reading this, I’m going to assume that you have an IDX capable buyer’s website (all of you should have one). For my example, let’s say that you are an agent who wants to dominate the luxury market in Las Vegas, however what I am going to describe will work for any property type, city or area in the USA or Canada. Let’s also assume that you have a website that covers ALL property types in Las Vegas, not just luxury.

Before we dig into this further, we all need to have a conceptual understanding of how Google Adwords works, and how it is different from Facebook advertising. With Google Adwords we are bidding on keywords, or search terms. An example of keywords would be “Las Vegas Real Estate” or “Las Vegas Homes for Sale”. You can set a different bid amount for each unique keyword that you are bidding on. With Google Adwords you can also target a geographic area so that you are only bidding on traffic from that specific area. Most likely, if you are an agent in Las Vegas, you only want to spend money on website visitors in Las Vegas. There are of course instances where certain Agents would want to attract traffic from outside of their market. Facebook advertising is different, you are not bidding on keywords at all. You are bidding on a geographical area where you want the ad to show up within people’s newsfeeds. Facebook offers many demographic targeting variables that you can utilize as well.

Most agents make the mistake of bidding on the popular keywords only. In Las Vegas, these would be the keywords I used above, such as “Las Vegas Real Estate”, “Las Vegas Homes for Sale”, “real estate in Las Vegas”, etc. This is a mistake for several reasons. First is that these are going to be incredibly expensive keywords, and highly competitive. Unless you have a massive daily budget, you are going to spend your daily budget quite quickly with a high cost per click. If you have a budget of $20 per day, that could be just a few clicks and you are already done for the day. Additionally, it is a mistake bidding on these types of keywords because the QUALITY of the lead is likely not going to be very good. Let me explain why…

Let’s say that I just found out last week that my company is transferring me to Las Vegas and I know nothing about the area. I have no idea how much homes cost, I don’t know where to live, the only thing I know is what I can afford. Let’s say I can afford an $200k home. What’s the first thing that I do? I go to Google and what am I going to type in? Most likely “Las Vegas Real Estate” or “Las Vegas Homes for Sale”. I click one of the Adwords ads, and right away I’m an expensive click. Once I register through the forced registration on the site so that I can search for homes, not only was I an expensive click, but I’m a terrible lead. A $200,000 home in the area I’m moving from buys me something completely different than what I can buy in Las Vegas for $200,000. In my opinion this is NOT a high-quality lead. Not that I can’t turn into a sale, however I’m in the extreme early days of being educated about the market. Once again, I’m a lead, however I’m not a high-quality lead.

Now let’s flip it around. I’m a lead that has been doing my research already online and found that I really like the homes in the community of Queensridge in Las Vegas. I have a budget of $800,000. That isn’t going to get me the most expensive home in Queensridge, however there are certainly homes there that I can afford to live in that are all in my price range. When I go to Google I search for keywords such as “Queensridge Real Estate”, “Queensridge Homes for sale”, “Luxury homes in Queensridge”, etc. The cost per click (CPC) for these specific community keywords will be significantly less than one of the major generic keywords. Now when I register with the forced registration and give my lead information THAT is a kick ass lead. The buyer is educated. He’s realistic. He knows where he wants to live. He’s much further along in the sales process than the lead in the previous example. Like I said, he knows exactly where he wants to live. This is a READY, WILLING and ABLE buyer! Are you going to sell him a home every single time? Of course not. However, you will sell this type of lead a home at a MUCH higher rate than you will the lead in the first example. Guaranteed. And the best part is the cost for this unique visitor will be DRASTICALLY less. Cheaper traffic and higher quality leads. It’s a win win!

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – in fact it’s the absolute key to this working correctly: You must have a unique page setup on your website for every single community, area and/or city. These pages are where you send the traffic to for each community, area/city. For example, for people coming to your website who searched for the community Queensridge, they MUST be sent to a page on your website that is ONLY about Queensridge. That page should list example homes for sale in Queensridge, the ability to search for more homes in Queensridge, and information about the Queensridge community.

So the moral of the story is keywords such as “Las Vegas Real Estate” and “Las Vegas Homes for Sale” will get a TON of traffic. Lots and lots of it. The leads won’t be high quality though because they are general leads who could be interested in a mobile home or a mansion. Targeted qualified leads for a specific property type or community such as “Queensridge” will get not a lot of traffic, a very low number in fact. It will also generate a very low number of leads…..but those leads will be GOLD.

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Amazing Drip Email that gets Responses

I wanted to share a drip email example that works wonders…..I call it the “pest” email. Use a variation of this email for those leads that you can not get to answer your phone calls, answer your texts, or emails. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how well this works. It seems to generate an emotional response where they feel bad about not talking to you. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Email Subject/Title: Am I being a Pest?

Hi (First Name),

Seven days ago you filled out an information request on our website at Since then I’ve been calling you everyday. I seem to be walking a fine line between being an attentive Realtor and a complete pest!

Could you please take a minute to call, text or email me and let me know if you are still interested in receiving information about CITY real estate?

I’ll be happy to work with you even if your plans are long range….just let me know.

Thanks (First Name),

John Q. Realtor

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Why you should LOVE Partial Leads

Partial leads. You hate them. You love them. It depends whom you ask. They are either your best friend or the bane of your existence. I think there is confusion on exactly what Partial Leads ARE though. So instead of starting off with how they play into seller lead generation with PSL, let’s explore what they would look like if they were a part of your buyer lead generation efforts. Everyone has a buyer site that includes IDX home search capabilities. So how would you get a partial lead on a buyer site, such as an REW, Boomtown, Commissions Inc, Real Geeks, etc? For my example let’s assume forced registration is turned on.

If one of your website visitors on your buyer site did a search for a specific MLS number, or city/area, exact street address they would get the forced registration screen that pops up. What if the website visitor decided not to enter their personal information? Then THAT would be a partial lead on a buyer site. The only information that you would get would be the information that they searched for……so the MLS number, city/area that they searched for, the exact street address, etc. As far as I know, buyer websites do not provide this type of partial lead information. So that is all that a partial lead would be when talking about buyer IDX sites. Pretty simple right? I would like to point out, just imagine how many buyer “partial” leads you would receive if this feature was offered on for buyer sites. TONS….and then some. Remember – on average every 90-94 visitors out of 100 to a buyer type site will leave the site without registering. That means that only 6 – 10% of visitors to a buyer site per day will end up registering and leave their lead information. That would be A LOT of partial leads!

For your PSL seller lead generation sites, a partial lead is very similar. If someone enters their address on Step 1, yet chooses not to enter their personal information on the next step, this is what we consider a Partial lead. We provide you with the address that was entered in Step 1, yet that is it. Now, at PSL we take this a step further…..we will automatically try and “convert” that partial lead into a full lead where we are able to provide you with a Name, email and/or phone number. You do not need to do anything else, we handle this all for you automatically. There is absolutely nothing the matter with partial leads, think of them as another opportunity to try and turn a website visitor into a listing. There are a million different ways of working these leads. It just depends on your personal business model, and level of comfort in working these leads. Some agents choose not to work partials at all, and turn off the PSL Partial Lead notifications. Some agents will send their partial leads postcards, knock on the partial leads address door, look up the lead information online, check tax records, etc. Partial leads are being turned into listings on a consistent basis. The entire reason that we start collecting Partial lead information was because our PSL clients requested that we add the ability to turn a partial lead into a full lead, which we did. These requests weren’t being made because partial leads are worthless!

As a quick aside, I’m obsessed with generating all of you more phone numbers. I’m working on quite a few ideas that I’m testing out and developing to make this happen. I will make this happen. In a perfect world we can do away with Partial Leads entirely, and every lead will be a full lead. That is our goal. Until that day arrives, my suggestion would be to not ignore partial leads now that hopefully I’ve made it more clear to those of you who were confused on exactly what a partial lead is.

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The “Secret” to getting Higher Quality Real Estate Leads Online

GET HIGHER QUALITY LEADS: Do you want to know how to receive higher quality leads from your buyer or seller sites? The answer is EASY. You simply need to send extremely targeted traffic to a page that has been specifically setup for that unique area / community / property type that you are targeting. Let me show you a few examples…..if you do this, you will 100% get higher quality leads.

Let’s say that you want to target individuals that would be interested in selling their downtown San Antonio condo. Most people would just send traffic from Facebook targeting all of San Antonio, or on Google Adwords bidding on keywords such as “San Antonio real estate”. Big mistake. You would still get leads from these marketing efforts, however the vast majority of traffic would NOT be from people who are looking to sell a condo in Downtown San Antonio. A better way to target these specific condo owners would be to target people in San Antonio on Facebook, and then have your ad talk specifically about selling their Downtown SA condo, or find out how much their Downtown SA condo is worth, along with using a high quality image of a condo in Downtown SA. This way the ad is going to resonate with them. Remember, you are after a VERY specific type of traffic. We don’t want people who don’t own a condo clicking on our ad and having to pay for it. On Google Adwords you would be going after keywords such as “Downtown San Antonio Condos”, “Downtown San Antonio Condominiums”, or even better SPECIFIC condominium building names in the Downtown area.

Next…..and this is VERY important……we want to send our traffic to a page that is ONLY built for Downtown San Antonio condominiums. Our page needs to have high quality images of the condos in the Downtown SA area. Our text near the address box needs to only talk about Downtown SA condos. Something along the lines of “How Much Is Your Downtown San Antonio Condo Worth?” THINK ABOUT THIS – we are only sending very targeted traffic that most likely has a Downtown SA condo to a page that SCREAMS Downtown SA condos. The vast majority of those leads will be EXCELLENT high quality leads. Guaranteed.

Here is an example site in action so you can see what I mean:
What about if you were targeting owners of waterfront property in Miami? The same rules apply. For Facebook we want to target people in the Miami area, and our Facebook ad image needs to be of a high quality waterfront property. The ad text needs to ONLY talk about Miami waterfront property. For Google Adwords only bid on keywords having to do with Miami Waterfront property. Then simply send your traffic to a page that is built specifically for Miami Waterfront property, with super high quality HD waterfront property homes, and sales text with something along the lines of “How Much is Your Miami Waterfront Home Worth?” Here is an example site that does this perfectly:

One final example, all the same rules apply as above. If you wanted to target a specific community called Queensridge in Las Vegas you would target Las Vegas in Facebook while having your ad image be a picture of Queensridge, and your sales text ONLY talking about Queensridge. For Google Adwords you would only bid on Queensridge keywords. Then send your traffic to a page that is built specifically for Queensridge, with high quality Queensridge wallpaper images, and sales text talking about Queensridge. Here is an example site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t expect to get massive amounts of traffic OR tons of leads from this. Not enough people will be searching for these unique areas / communities / property types. That’s not the point though, because the traffic and leads that you get from these marketing efforts will be of the absolute highest quality possible. This is a very wise way of allocating your ad budget. This will also work perfectly for buyer sites. Try it out, and let me know how it goes!

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