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Buyer Lead Texting Examples for New Leads

Here are some text message ideas to send to your new Buyer Leads……

Hey there, I’m pulling up some houses in the area that you might like. How many bedrooms are you looking for?

Great choice of neighborhood. What size of house are you looking for? Are you new to the area?

Hey! A few new homes hit the market I think you’ll love. Would you like me to send you the info?

Thanks for signing up on our site to search for homes. I’m setting up a home search for you now. Are you looking for a house or a condo?

Hey there, I saw you were searching for homes on our website. I’m happy to help and set you up with automatic updates by email every time a new home that matches your criteria hits the market!

Do you prefer a one story or two story home? What about tile, hardwood or carpet flooring?

I can send you more information on any home for sale in the market – what exactly are you looking for?