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Amazing Drip Email that gets Responses

I wanted to share a drip email example that works wonders…..I call it the “pest” email. Use a variation of this email for those leads that you can not get to answer your phone calls, answer your texts, or emails. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how well this works. It seems to generate an emotional response where they feel bad about not talking to you. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Email Subject/Title: Am I being a Pest?

Hi (First Name),

Seven days ago you filled out an information request on our website at Since then I’ve been calling you everyday. I seem to be walking a fine line between being an attentive Realtor and a complete pest!

Could you please take a minute to call, text or email me and let me know if you are still interested in receiving information about CITY real estate?

I’ll be happy to work with you even if your plans are long range….just let me know.

Thanks (First Name),

John Q. Realtor

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