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Why you should LOVE Partial Leads

Partial leads. You hate them. You love them. It depends whom you ask. They are either your best friend or the bane of your existence. I think there is confusion on exactly what Partial Leads ARE though. So instead of starting off with how they play into seller lead generation with PSL, let’s explore what they would look like if they were a part of your buyer lead generation efforts. Everyone has a buyer site that includes IDX home search capabilities. So how would you get a partial lead on a buyer site, such as an REW, Boomtown, Commissions Inc, Real Geeks, etc? For my example let’s assume forced registration is turned on.

If one of your website visitors on your buyer site did a search for a specific MLS number, or city/area, exact street address they would get the forced registration screen that pops up. What if the website visitor decided not to enter their personal information? Then THAT would be a partial lead on a buyer site. The only information that you would get would be the information that they searched for……so the MLS number, city/area that they searched for, the exact street address, etc. As far as I know, buyer websites do not provide this type of partial lead information. So that is all that a partial lead would be when talking about buyer IDX sites. Pretty simple right? I would like to point out, just imagine how many buyer “partial” leads you would receive if this feature was offered on for buyer sites. TONS….and then some. Remember – on average every 90-94 visitors out of 100 to a buyer type site will leave the site without registering. That means that only 6 – 10% of visitors to a buyer site per day will end up registering and leave their lead information. That would be A LOT of partial leads!

For your PSL seller lead generation sites, a partial lead is very similar. If someone enters their address on Step 1, yet chooses not to enter their personal information on the next step, this is what we consider a Partial lead. We provide you with the address that was entered in Step 1, yet that is it. Now, at PSL we take this a step further…..we will automatically try and “convert” that partial lead into a full lead where we are able to provide you with a Name, email and/or phone number. You do not need to do anything else, we handle this all for you automatically. There is absolutely nothing the matter with partial leads, think of them as another opportunity to try and turn a website visitor into a listing. There are a million different ways of working these leads. It just depends on your personal business model, and level of comfort in working these leads. Some agents choose not to work partials at all, and turn off the PSL Partial Lead notifications. Some agents will send their partial leads postcards, knock on the partial leads address door, look up the lead information online, check tax records, etc. Partial leads are being turned into listings on a consistent basis. The entire reason that we start collecting Partial lead information was because our PSL clients requested that we add the ability to turn a partial lead into a full lead, which we did. These requests weren’t being made because partial leads are worthless!

As a quick aside, I’m obsessed with generating all of you more phone numbers. I’m working on quite a few ideas that I’m testing out and developing to make this happen. I will make this happen. In a perfect world we can do away with Partial Leads entirely, and every lead will be a full lead. That is our goal. Until that day arrives, my suggestion would be to not ignore partial leads now that hopefully I’ve made it more clear to those of you who were confused on exactly what a partial lead is.

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