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BombBomb – Use this!

BombBomb. I’m sure that quite a few of you are already using it. Most of you though are not, for the same reason that I’ve been hesitant at times in the past to use it… You don’t want to make a video of yourself. I get it. It’s uncomfortable. You might not think you present well on video. Maybe you are self conscious. Forget all of that. If all goes well you have to go see them in person anyways right? More importantly, this is a fantastic tool that works. BombBomb also makes it super easy for you to record quick videos from your computer or even your phone. Send each of your leads a quick 15 to 30 second personalized video. Use their name in it so that they know it was made just for them. Everyone these days is used to getting mass emails however it is quite apparent that those emails are not being sent to just one person. Your personalized BombBomb video email will stand out. It will get their attention. Guaranteed. Devote an hour a day a few times per week to mining your database with these video emails and you WILL get responses and more business from it. Be consistent though….if the first few videos don’t get responses PLEASE don’t give up! Keep going. Most Realtors want instant gratification (we all do!) and will quit right away and stop. However life doesn’t always work like that. THIS IS YOUR ADVANTAGE! Over time you will definitely start hearing back from some of these people. Also….BombBomb will tell you every time someone opens your email AND plays your video. You can then take it a step further and personalize your next video to that person even more. I’m so confident this will work I’m almost tempted to say I’ll pay for it if doesn’t work for you….but I won’t lol. You get my point though. Don’t wait. Start this right away and you can thank me later 🙂

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PSL Voicemail Autoresponders – USE IT

Voicemail Autoresponders are now live! Do you not have time to call your leads IMMEDIATELY as soon as the lead comes in? Don’t wait – turn on the Voicemail Autoresponder and have them receive a Voicemail message from you within minutes of submitting their lead. Here is how it works….

Step 1: Goto >> Marketing >> Manage Voicemails. From here you will record the Voicemail Template / Message that you want to use as your Voicemail Autoresponder.

Step 2: Please see screenshot-1.png – Goto >> Marketing >> Voicemail >> Voicemail Autoresponder

Step 3: Please see screenshot-2.png – On the page that comes up, first enable the Voicemail Autoresponder. Next choose the caller ID that you want to appear as where your voicemail came from. After that, change the “Auto Respond After” field to the number of minutes AFTER the lead has been submitted that you want the lead to receive your voicemail message. I would suggest 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Then select the Voicemail Message that you recorded from the “Audio File” drop down menu. Finally, decide whether or not you want to send the Voicemail Messages only to mobile phone numbers or all phone numbers.

Step 4: Click the green “Save Schedule” button!

PLEASE NOTE – once you Enable the Voicemail Autoresponder EVERY new lead that comes in will receive the recorded voicemail message direct to their voicemail on their phone, as long as they provided a working phone number.

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