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Great Text Message Examples to send to your New Seller Leads

Here are 9 text message ideas to send to your new leads. Please share ones that you find effective in the comments below. Let me know how these work for you…..

What did you think of your home valuation report from my website? Is the price what you were expecting?

Everyone has a price! In a perfect world, what scenario and/or price would make you want to sell your home?

Just wanted to ensure you got the value of your home you requested from my website. It’s important that we provide you what you requested, did you get it?

Your home is probably worth more than the valuation you just received from my website. Have you made any changes or upgrades to the home recently? I just want to make sure we give you the most accurate estimate possible.

I’m working on a more accurate home valuation for you than the automated one you just received from my website. Quick question: does your home have tile or carpet?

I see that you received a house value from my website. Super quick question: do you think the home value was high, low or about what you were expecting?

I just received the request for your home value on my website. Working on a more detailed report for you. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the condition?

It’s quite possible your home is worth a lot more than the value you just received from my website. Have you by chance made any upgrades since you purchased the home?

Was the home value you just received from my website what you were expecting? What if I told you that it’s quite possible your home is worth much more…

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