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On Exit Pop Up – Generate MORE Leads

For the next tool that I consider essential to proper follow up for real estate lead generation…….on-exit popups. Full disclosure again – on this one I do personally have a product that will be released very soon called Prime Exit. I hesitated to even post this because of that. However, everyone who has a PSL site will be getting Prime Exit for free anyways, and there are no shortage of these products out there. I honestly don’t care which one that you use, just pick one and use it!

So what is an on-exit popup? It’s a true game changer. Day one you should see an increase in leads by AT LEAST 50% even with your current traffic levels. You don’t need to generate more traffic to see this minimum of 50% increase in leads….it will happen with whatever traffic you have right now. We have used it internally here for months, and we have way MORE than doubled our daily lead flow just from using on-exit popups.

Here is how it works, and pretty much every company offering this works the same way…….there is a piece of javascript code that you place on your website, just like you would with Google Analytics tracking codes. Whenever a website visitor takes an action with their mouse to move towards closing their browser itself OR the tab they are viewing your site in…..BOOM……the on-exit pop up comes up on the screen. You simply need an engaging offer to place in the pop up. If they want to receive this offer they need to provide you with their lead information. Everything is going to depend on the offer. It’s going to need to be unique and worthwhile. The better the offer, the more leads that you will get. These on-exit popups also work fantastic for mobile traffic.

Most companies will offer various options in their backends where you can also set the on-exit popup to appear not only when taking action to leave the browser or tab, but also it can be set on a timer for it to pop after any time frame, such as 30 seconds. You can also set it to pop if someone scrolls halfway down the page, 75% of the way down the page, back up the page if they have already reached the bottom.

For those of you with concerns if it will affect your organic Google rankings the answer is NO. It will not. I have these placed on websites that rank #1 in Google for their targeted keywords for many months now, and the rankings did not change at all.