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Remarketing / Retargeting – You NEED to be doing this…

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a marketing concept often discussed among agents, but rarely leveraged to its full potential. For starters, what is remarketing? Remarketing allows you to advertise specific offers, products, or services to people who have visited your website in the past. Although the advertiser would typically direct these ads back to the same site, it would ultimately depend on the overall marketing goal.

A quick example, let’s say you are browsing a retail store’s website for a new pair of shoes. You see a few pairs you like, but you aren’t quite ready to buy. You then navigate to another website, and sure enough, you see an ad for the same shoes you were just looking at. Over the next few days, you continue to see the ad. Finally, you decide it’s time to buy the shoes. You click through the ad and make the purchase. This website just used the power of remarketing to turn you, a higher funnel shopper, into a sale.

Now, the strategy and benefits are pretty evident in an ecommerce example like the one above, but what about real estate? Luckily, there is no shortage of effective remarketing strategies that can help you get in front of more potential clients and close more deals. The best strategy for you depends on your market and goals.

Although remarketing can be done on ad networks composed of thousands of sites on the web, I prefer to remarket on Facebook, using the “Facebook pixel.” The exposure on general website remarketing is great, but Facebook typically creates more engaged remarketing traffic. You simply paste your ad account’s pixel code on all pages of your website, and Facebook will begin to accrue visitor data. With enough traffic getting to your site, it shouldn’t take long for your list to grow large enough to sustain a remarketing campaign. This is where the real fun begins.

Most basically, you can create an ad that is shown to your entire visitor list. This is great for exposure, as it reinforces your brand to people who had visited your site at one point. Although direct attribution is difficult, this type of marketing will help ensure that when it’s time to sell, this individual will call the agent who they saw all over Facebook every day.

Drilling down a bit further, you are able to create custom audience segments off of your main remarketing list. This is done by specifying exactly which URL’s visitors you would like to target. For example, instead of targeting all visitors to, I can target specifically those who visited my about me page at

With this in mind, you can create a custom audience off of your pixel data, targeting only visitors who browsed a certain city’s listings on your IDX integrated buyer site. From here, you can run an ad promoting that city’s listings. An example, although very basic, would be something along the lines of “Houston would love to have you! Search all Houston homes and condos for sale today.” Want to WOW your seller clients? Create a single property website for the listing, and setup remarketing for it. They will see the ad for their property everywhere.

Our strategy for remarketing off of a PSL site involves sending the past PSL site visitors to your buyer site or agent site through a heavily branded ad. This enhances the likelihood of your leads recognizing your name in follow-up, and also increases the probability of them proactively reaching out to you.

Remarketing is an exceptionally powerful tool when used properly. Remember however, you will need a decent amount of traffic in the first place for the remarketing list to grow enough to sustain a remarketing campaign. Do you have any questions about remarketing?