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The Phone is your friend……pick it up and dial

The last tool that I will share today that is essential to proper follow up for real estate lead generation is the best one yet. If you aren’t using this tool you are missing out, and quite frankly shouldn’t be working internet real estate leads…….so what is this magical tool?

The phone! The phone is your best friend, and the lifeblood of your lead generation nurturing. Want to be successful and book more buyer appointments and listing presentations? Pick up the phone and call. Keep calling. Don’t just stop with one phone call if they don’t answer. Keep trying. Yes, you can use text messaging, emails, voicemail blasts, on-exit popups…..however eventually you are going to need to talk to them on the phone. It may take LOTS of phone calls over many months for some leads to pickup the phone or respond to you. That’s alright. You still want to sell a home in 6 months right? The vast majority of your competitors will give up after a phone call or two. If you don’t give up and keep calling, you will be successful. Call quickly, as soon as the lead comes in, and then keep calling. There is nothing else I can say except to keep dialing.