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Worst Post EVER – Horrible

Do NOT be this person: I have a real estate agent friend who received a listing lead last week, for a property worth just over $1 million. The lead came in when she was just about to start playing tennis. Instead of stepping aside to call the lead right away, she decided to proceed her with match and told herself she would call afterwards. One thing led to another, and she didn’t call until the next day. At that point it was too late, the homeowner told her that another agent had already been out to the property and they had just signed a listing agreement with them. I’ve told her a million times, ALWAYS assume that every single lead you get has also submitted their information on other Realtors websites as well and to call, text, email…SOMETHING right away. That tennis match just cost her roughly $30,000. I understand it can be frustrating making calls and reaching out to leads who don’t answer the phone. However, isn’t that just life that the one call you don’t make right away is the one that is ready to go right then and there?