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Fully Automate your Follow-up & Get Your Leads on the Phone!

Text Autoresponders

This is by far the #1 way Top Agents use to get their leads on the phone.  Not only do they text their leads, they do it fast.  Faster than any human being ever could.
That is the power of automations!

Drip Campaigns

To take FULL advantage of drip campaigns you need to include BOTH text messaging and emails.  The sole purpose of a drip campaign is to make the phone ring.
Unleash the beast.

Real Features - No Fluff

No offense to our competitors, however you will NEVER use 90%+ of their over-priced features.  We are trying to get our leads on the phone, not build a Rocketship. We deliver real features to make the phone ring!


Call Recordings for all Leads

Make taking notes during every call a thing of the past!  With our Communications Package, every phone call is recorded and placed in your leads contact record.
Never forget a detail again.

  • Powerful Real Estate Automations
  • 3-Step Text Message Autoresponders
  • Drip Campaigns with Text & Email
  • Call Recordings for all Leads
  • Send and Receive Text Messages
  • Make and Receive Phone Calls
  • Local Phone Numbers
  • Works in USA & Canada
  • Pay in USD or CAD
  • Prime Intelligence on new Seller Leads


“Unless you want to work 24/7, you will need specialized real estate automations to help with your lead out-reach and follow-up..”

Let’s face it, following up with your leads is not much fun.

You could hire an assistant, however that comes with its own set of problems.  Assistants forget to send emails, answer texts, schedule the correct time for your appointments, call in sick, and ask for raises.  Sometimes all in the same week. 

Automations solve all of those problems for us.  Your new automations will never forget to send an email or text, sending them at the precise second they were intended to be delivered.

“Text Message Auto-Responders = Speed to Lead”


It is tough to pick up new listings if you only communicate with your leads by email. 

To be successful, the top agents in your market take advantage of text message auto-responders.  As soon as they receive a new lead, their autoresponder sends a text with a prewritten message. 

To compete with their speed, you need your own automations.

Our text message auto-responders come with a twist.  Over the years, we have found that an autoresponder using three successive text messages each separated by a few minutes produces excellent results.  

We have built all of these auto-responder automations into all Prime CRM accounts.

By using a combination of text messages and emails in our drip campaigns, our clients have more effective long term follow-up with their leads..

Drip campaigns are a key piece in your automation arsenal.

To take full advantage of them you must use both text messaging and email.  With an intelligent mix of both, at very specific times, we can start to build a relationship with our leads.

Emails are not too intrusive, and the vast majority of the time your leads will not respond to them.  However, our CRM provides full email stats including when an email was opened and read.  So you can easily see if your emails are being read by your leads.  It’s a real good sign when your leads consistently open your emails.

Now, when we mix in texting, the messages that we send we are hoping to get a response to.  Texting is much more personal than email and if you can get your leads comfortable texting with you semi-regularly, you are well on your way to forming a relationship with them.

I am sure you would agree, it is much easier to get a listing from someone you have a relationship with, than it would be with a stranger.

Sometimes we can have difficulty getting brand new leads to answer the phone.  To combat this, smart agents use drip campaigns.  Once we have our leads comfortable receiving messages from us by both text message and email, we have an excellent chance of the relationship becoming more phone based.


The sole purpose of an automation is to establish contact so that you can talk to your lead on the phone..

That is it.  That is an automations only purpose.

Simply to help get your leads on the phone with you.

It’s going to be tough to list someone’s home if we do not ever talk to them on the phone right?

Talking to your leads on the phone (the more times the better) will help cement your relationship with them.

What happens though if you are working with a lot of leads?  That is a lot of information to remember, and most likely information that your new potential client is going to expect you not to forget.

With our brand new Communications Package, say goodbye to having to take detailed notes after every call.  After each call, a recording is placed into your leads contact record in our CRM. 

Now, simply go back and listen to the important parts of each call recording before your next follow-up call with your leads and never forget an important detail again.

“Real Estate Automations are a game changer for your business..”

Get Organized, Get Automated.  

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Prime Seller Leads CRM

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*Prime Seller Leads™ is billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime prior to your next billing date. Please see our Terms & Conditions. Monthly charges will appear on your statement as RBO Services. Upon completion of payment you will be taken to a page to submit all your agency details so we can customize your site. No Marketing Management is provided with this package. We recommend at least a $300 monthly ad budget. Questions? Contact us at (844) 992-1337.



Sims Coaching Systems, Inc.
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Features that every agent needs

CRM Built to help get your Leads on the Phone

Text Message Autoresponders

Drip Campaigns with Text and Email

Make and Receive Phone Calls with Local #

Recordings of all Phone Calls

USA & Canada Friendly

Send and Receive Text Messages with Local #

Never any Contract or Setup Fees

Prime Buyer Leads™ – Customer Reviews

Why These Agents  Our System


Jason Simard

CEO SIMS Real Estate Group

“We are focusing a lot on investing in internet leads that are seller focused. I’ve made an investment in lead generation with Prime Seller Leads which has been working well for us!”

Kaleo Ahina Prime Seller Leads Review

Joseph “Kaleo” Ahina

CEO Hawaii Realty Group

“I just got 4 new listings from PSL. The average time to listing was 4 months. I am more than happy to talk to potential new PSL clients. Have them call me for a live testimonial!”


John Tsai

Team Leader – The John Tsai Group

“Josh has been helping us cultivating seller leads in which we have converted one that we listed & sold for $1.925 million, which paid for years of this program. I highly recommend PSL to anyone is who is looking for high quality leads.”

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