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PSL Market Exclusivity Let’s you Dominate your Market
and Block Out Competitors

Market Exclusivity

Our market exclusivity package provides you with the ultimate lead generation experience, where every detail of your real estate seller lead marketing is completely handled for you.

No Contracts - No Setup Fees

We are confident enough in the quality of our leads,  that we know that if you are successful and have a good ROI, you will be happy to keep paying us each month. That’s the way it should be.

Royal Treatment

We Handle EVERYTHING for your Seller Lead marketing needs. Leave the tedious day-to-day ad management to us. You just need to work your leads, follow-up and crush your listing appointments.

Block your Competitors

Sick and tired of other agents in your area stealing every new marketing idea you come up with? Slam the door on your competitors. No one else will be able to use our system in your area.


“Exclusivity is for the most discerning real estate agents, who are leaders in their respective markets.”

Exclusive market clients are typically different than the average real estate agent. They demand master-level knowledge, experience, performance, accountability, and exclusivity for their marketing dollar. All while having a well-trained eye towards the bottom line – their return on investment.

Our Exclusive Market clients insist on having all of their real estate marketing accounts fully optimized with the most cutting-edge online advertising techniques, ensuring peak performance at all times.

“No matter what type of real estate leads or marketing you require, we have you covered. Completely.”


Elite real estate agents deserve the ultimate perks that come with Market Exclusivity. That’s why our Exclusive clients receive the following marketing packages that we offer, including:


  • Motivated Seller Lead Generation & Management
  • Remarketing Ads for Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate ISA
  • Facebook Listing Ads for Realtors

“Is it the highest and best use of your time to be managing your own Google Ads campaigns, while staying up to date on the latest and most innovative marketing techniques for real estate agents?.”


Time is your most valuable commodity. It’s the one constant in life continuously moving forward. The more time that you have to focus on the activities that put you closest to a commission check, the more successful you will be in the long run.

Your main point of contact and the person managing all of your Realtor marketing campaigns is the owner of Prime Seller Leads.  With over 25+ years of real estate marketing experience, Josh handles all Exclusive client needs personally. While our entire team at Prime Seller Leads will be ensuring that your account runs smoothly and that all of your needs are met, Josh will be the person that is responsible for the daily, 365 days per year management of your complete real estate marketing portfolio.

Most companies rely upon contracts to keep you a client long term. 

At Prime Seller Leads, we rely upon our performance to ensure that you remain a client for years, without contracts or setup fees.

We believe that’s the way it should be.


Prime Exclusivity – Pricing

Get Started Today!

Prime Exclusivity can help you no matter what type of real estate leads that you are looking for.
We can get you the absolute highest-quality leads while staying within budget.

Prime Seller Leads™ – Exclusivity Features

All of the Following Products are Included with our Market Exclusivity Package:

  • You get everything included in our Seller Lead Package. The normal monthly price is $199.99 per month.

  • You get everything included in our Real Estate Remarketing Package. The normal monthly price is $199.99 per month.

  • You get everything included in our Real Estate ISA Package. The normal monthly price is $299.99 per month.

  • You get everything included in our Facebook Listing Ads Package. The normal monthly price is $99.99 per month.

  • Our white-glove exclusive concierge service will execute your custom marketing plan in its entirety. Our proven advertising methods can get you the absolute highest-quality leads, exclusively for you alone in your market.

Prime Buyer Leads™ – Testimonials

Why These Agents  Our Real Estate Seller Leads


Sims Coaching Systems, Inc.
Keller Williams Realty


Our Real Estate Google Ads in Action



Features that every agent needs

Rockstar Google Ads PPC Management with our in-house PPC team

No Contracts and No Set-up Fees. Stop the contract nonsense.

VIP support with agents available by phone, text email + chat.

Want to use your own CRM? No problem. We integrate with everyone.

Full CRM for managing leads, follow-up plans and marketing.

Custom Drip/ Email campaigns designed to engage your leads.

Prime Intelligence on every lead providing additional home details.

Responsive Landing pages that look great on all devices.

Prime Buyer Leads™ – Customer Reviews

Why These Agents  Our System


Jason Simard

CEO SIMS Real Estate Group

“We are focusing a lot on investing in internet leads that are seller focused. I’ve made an investment in lead generation with Prime Seller Leads which has been working well for us!”

Kaleo Ahina Prime Seller Leads Review

Joseph “Kaleo” Ahina

CEO Hawaii Realty Group

“I just got 4 new listings from PSL. The average time to listing was 4 months. I am more than happy to talk to potential new PSL clients. Have them call me for a live testimonial!”


John Tsai

Team Leader – The John Tsai Group

“Josh has been helping us cultivating seller leads in which we have converted one that we listed & sold for $1.925 million, which paid for years of this program. I highly recommend PSL to anyone is who is looking for high quality leads.”

Dominate the competition in your market

What makes us different?

  • Contracts and Setup Fees:  Never
  • Competitors Primary Ad Platform:  Facebook Ads
  • Our Primary Ad Platform:  Google Ads
  • Competitors Avg. Marketing Team Experience:  Less than 1 Year
  • Our Marketing Team Experience:  25 Years
  • The Competition Checks your Ads and Performance KPI’s: Once Per Month (if you are lucky)
  • We Checks your Ads and Performance KPI’sMultiple Times Per Day
  • Leads Generated by Our System:  Over 3 Million
  • Gross Commissions Generated for Our Clients:  Over $130 Million…and counting
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  • \Looking for more info on Exclusivity? We are online right now! Chat with us or give us a call at (855) 923-1019

Sit Back, Relax, and Take your Time

When you are ready, we will talk…

Until then, take a stroll through our website, it’s jam-packed with information to help you decide if Prime Seller Leads is right for your business.  If you would like to have a pressure-free phone conversation, give us a call.  No one from PSL will ever call you, or even try and close you.

That’s not how we operate.


Let’s talk about taking your real estate business to the next level.

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  • \Looking for more info on Exclusivity? We are online right now! Chat with us or give us a call at (855) 923-1019