Comprehensive Lead Management CRM

Our comprehensive client relationship management platform makes it easier than ever to keep all lead information and associated follow up in one place.

Full Content Management System

Did we mention that your site is fully customizable? Use our onboard content management system to edit nearly all visitor-facing aspects of your site.

Facebook Ad Management

Use our professional ad management platform to guarantee traffic and leads. Call our sales department at (888) 485-4234 for more information.

Google AdWords Ad Management

Use our professional ad management platform to guarantee traffic and leads. Call our sales department at (888) 485-4234 for more information.

Integration With Other Platforms

Are you currently using other lead management or follow up platforms? Your Prime Seller Leads site easily integrates with the following systems:

  • BombBomb
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Facebook Connect Settings
  • FiveStreet
  • Followup Boss
  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • MojoSeller Dialer
  • REW
  • Top Producer
  • Wise Agent

Drip Email Feature With Templates

Lead conversion is all about sustained, consistent follow up. Stay in front of your leads with our customizable drip email templates.

Customizable Lead Registration Process

Choose from over 12 homepage themes and 6 lead capture paths to optimize for your target audience.

Partial Lead Capture and Lookup System

Did your visitor bounce without completing the registration process? No problem! Your website will capture lead information, even if they only enter an address. Use our onboard lookup system to associate a name and phone number with these leads.

Assign Leads to Agents Manually or Automatically

Are you working with multiple agents? Use our options for assigning leads to meet your goals! Choose from an even distribution (Round Robin), first-come-first-serve (Feeding Frenzy), or lead assignment by map location.

Google Calendar Sync

Organization is key in effective follow up. Sync your Google calendar to stay on top of appointments, and schedule follow up right from your admin area.

Stealth Voicemail Messaging

Put your voice directly in your lead’s pocket! Our voicemail marketing system allows you to leave a voicemail before their phone even rings.

Send SMS Messages to Leads

Text messages have an open rate of nearly 98%. Schedule and send texts from your admin backend to personalize your marketing.

Prime Landing Pages

Customize and drive traffic to 20 additional landing page templates. Why stop at sellers? Market for specific lead generation goals!

Create PSL Widgets for Other Sites

Do you already have a separate buyer-oriented or branding site? Add a Prime Seller Leads widget to allow visitors to check their home value. Lead information is captured in your admin area like any other visitor.

Prime Morning Report Performance Summary Email

Receive a daily performance summary outlining website performance. Know how many leads you are receiving, and where they are coming from

Prime Agent Site

Now free with your Prime Seller Leads site! Use your Prime Agent Site to feature your listings, and market yourself as a local listing specialist.

Customizable Header Menu Links

Do you have great content that you’d like to share? Easily add a header navigation menu to your Prime Seller Leads website, complete with internal content pages.

Create and Send Listing Flyers (E-Flyers)

Do you have a listing you want to promote? Easily create and send custom e-flyers to your leads.

Assign Leads to Lenders

Are you working with a lender partner? Easily have refinance inquiry leads assigned to your lender partner automatically.

Add Videos to Lead Registration Process

Videos can be used on the registration pages to enhance branding, provide information about the local market, or encourage the visitor to complete the registration process. Add videos with just a YouTube URL.

GPS Location Recognition

Choose to automatically populate visitors’ address based on their location. Activate for desktop, mobile, or both.

Ability to Add Tracking Codes

Easily implement remarketing scripts, conversion tracking scripts, and Google Analytics tracking.