Real Estate Buyer Leads Text Messaging Best Practices

Plus 7 FREE Text Messages to Send to your New Buyer Leads!

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Are you sending text messages to all of your new buyer leads?

If not – you need to be!

These days it’s all about texting. Most people don’t like to answer their phones and send the majority of their calls to voicemail.

A lot of people don’t listen to their voicemails.

Everyone reads their text messages. And pretty much IMMEDIATELY!

By sending a text message to your new buyer leads as the initial contact is a great way to make the first contact with new leads. We know they are going to see your message, and if they are interested they will typically respond.

The two main mistakes most Real Estate Agents make when sending texts to their new leads are:

Mistake #1 – Keep it SHORT and SIMPLE – this is so important! Don’t annoy your new leads by sending them a massive fat paragraph of text before they have even responded.

Mistake #2 – The text message that they send doesn’t ask a question. To get the best chance of receiving a response, you MUST ask a question. This should get the lead to respond, and also will serve the purpose of providing you information which will help you help them.

If your lead is serious about buying a home, they will respond to you with the answer to the question which you are asking.

Both of you win!

Try these 7 text messages out with your buyer leads. I’m confident that you will be happy with the responses!

Pro Tip – Please don’t send all 7 text messages at once! Make sure that you spread them out over time.

Text #1 – Hey there, I’m pulling up some houses in the area that you might like. How many bedrooms are you looking for?

Text #2 – Great choice of neighborhood. What size house are you looking for? Are you new to the area?

Text #3 – Hey! A few new homes hit the market I think you’ll love. Would you like me to send you the info?

Text #4 – Thanks for signing up on our site to search for homes. I’m setting up a home search for you now. Are you looking for a house or a condo?

Text #5 – Hey there, I saw you were searching for homes on our website. I’m happy to help and set you up with automatic updates by email every time a new home that matches your criteria hits the market! Are you new to the area?

Text #6 – Do you prefer a one-story or two-story home? What about tile, hardwood or carpet flooring?

Text #7 – I can send you more information on any home for sale in the market – what exactly are you looking for?

P.S. If you need Professional Google Ads Management to get you the absolute lowest Cost Per Lead, and absolutely CRUSH your competition, let’s talk.

Good luck! Please let us know how these buyer lead text messages work for you.



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Prime Buyer Leads
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  • Marketing Networks:  Google Ads & Facebook Ads
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Jason Simard

CEO SIMS Real Estate Group

“We are focusing a lot on investing in internet leads that are seller focused. I’ve made an investment in lead generation with Prime Seller Leads which has been working well for us!”

Kaleo Ahina Prime Seller Leads Review

Joseph “Kaleo” Ahina

CEO Hawaii Realty Group

“I just got 4 new listings from PSL. The average time to listing was 4 months. I am more than happy to talk to potential new PSL clients. Have them call me for a live testimonial!”

Frank Heitzer Prime Seller Leads Review

Frank Heitzer

CEO Impact Real Estate Group

Thanks so much. You are doing a great job, we are getting really good leads. It is up to us to convert them, however, I like what I see and am looking forward to increasing spending.

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  • Contracts and Setup Fees:  Never
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