So how are you going to be successful working with online buyer or seller leads? There really isn't any magic formula or secret sauce. It's through hard work and perseverance. You have to get up every single day and keep doing the same exact thing that you did the day before. You pick up the phone, and you call. You text. You send emails. Then you do it again the next day. If a lead says call back in 3 months, you call back sooner and check in on them. If you do this, you WILL be successful. It works, because there are too many agents absolutely killing it and making a TON of money by using this simple formula. You spent YOUR hard earned money to generate the leads, and those leads are worth money. Lots of money! If you put in the time and effort, and treat your leads as an investment, you will win. Now it's up to you to decide - what type of agent are you going to be? Do you think it's worth it to invest your time and energy for long term success? Or do you want and need instant gratification?


Your time is worth money. Is it the highest and best use of your time as a professional Realtor to spend hours every single day making phone calls calling your leads? Perhaps not. This is where Prime ISA comes in. We will do all of the hard work for you every single day calling your leads and booking appointments and followups. We don't stop calling your leads until we either book and appointment, or they tell us to leave them alone and that they aren't interested.


Because we care how successful you are. These aren't just empty hollow words, we back up these words with our ACTIONS. Every single day. For example, let's say that you start off with 100 leads that you would like Prime ISA to call to try and set appointments on your behalf. After the first day of phone calls it's very possible that out of those 100 leads 25 of them are bad phone numbers and another 25 of those people said they were not interested in buying or selling. So in less than 24 hours, you are down to 50 callable leads. Other companies will tell you TOO BAD, SO SAD and will only continue calling those 50 leads. Quite frankly, that is ridiculous and is setting you up for FAILURE from day one.

Here is how Prime ISA is different and is invested in your success from day one - we will ALWAYS replace your bad phone number and not interested leads. Always! This means that if out of 100 leads that you provide to Prime ISA, if 25 are bad phone numbers and 25 are not interested, we will let you replace those 50 leads with a different 50 for us to try. THAT IS THE SECRET TO BEING SUCCESSFUL WITH OUR PROGRAM - give us enough leads to call and we WILL book you appointments. Our competitors don't do this, and most likely never will. Why? Because their words do not match their actions. If they were truly invested in your success why would they NOT let us you replace the bad phone number and not interested leads? Like us, they also realize this is the key component that will make or break a successful calling campaign.

The ONLY WAY that this doesn't work in the long term is if we don't have enough leads to call for you. That's it. As long as we have enough leads to call, and we keep calling over time, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. You WILL get appointments booked for you.

Prime ISA now has different packages available at different price points to match different budgets and number of leads that you would like called.


Simple! You provide us the leads you want to keep in contact with. New, old, buyer or seller, Prime ISA can work these leads and do the follow up necessary to turn them into appoinments. We will keep calling each lead that you give us until we make contact, learn their intentions or book the appointment for you! We NEVER stop calling your leads every month until we find out their intentions.
We do NOT charge per phone call or appointment set. Our packages start at $299 per month based on number of leads you want us to call. Every lead that you give us to contact, we will keep calling that lead until we make contact, learn their intentions, or set the appointment for you. So no matter if we call a unique lead 1 time or 100 times. There is no long term contract to sign and no setup fees with Prime ISA. You can stop your service at anytime prior to your next renewal date. Get more info on pricing and features by speaking to one of our sales representatives at (866) 242-3494.
You are welcome to pay us more if you like! Our philosophy is to provide a superior service at a very affordable price for our clients. Quite simply, we are not successful as a company if you are not successful with the work that we are doing for you. It's a symbiotic relationship. We want to book as many appointments for you as necessary, and help you generate as many listings as possible. With your success comes our success.
Unlike most other companies who provide these services, we don't stop calling. Others might call your leads for 2 weeks, or perhaps a month. What good is that? What happens if it takes 10 months to get them on the phone? Then that lead was wasted! That's why we will keep calling each of your leads until we make contact, find out their intentions, or book you an appointment! The more phone calls that we make on your behalf, the more successful you will be. We aren't successful unless you are.
Absolutely! That's the whole point of this, to get you an appointment where you are face to face with your lead to turn them into clients. We ALWAYS try and set an appointment for you.
No. Never. We will never charge you a setup fee. You are better off putting that money into your marketing. Additionally we will never make you sign or lock you into any type of contract. If you aren't 100% happy with the amount of appointments that we are booking for you, you are free to cancel at anytime.
All of our ISA's are located and trained in-house in our Florida office. Each of our ISA's goes through rigorous weekly coaching and training from actual real estate agents who are also experts at training ISA's. Our active real estate agent coaches are VERY well known from their Facebook training videos.