We our Real Estate ISA’s

Competitors Only Text Your Leads

Prime ISA Picks up the Phone and Calls

Overwhelmed? Need Help?

We hear every single day from agents drowning in real estate leads, with no time to call or follow-up with them. Let us handle the mundane task of calling your leads daily, while you focus on what you do best: Get your buyer and seller leads under contract and closed.

We Call 100% of your Leads

Have more leads to call than you can handle? Typically, the end result of having too many leads is the same as not having any leads at all – you don’t get any deals under contract. Get your database and pipeline back on track and making you money.

How is Prime ISA Different?

Most of our competitors simply text your leads. You can easily set up an autoresponder yourself to text your leads automatically. We keep calling your leads, every single day until we either book you an appointment, learn what their intentions are, or they tell us to leave them alone.

No Contracts No Setup Fees

We are confident enough in the quality of our ISA’s,  that we know that if you are successful and have a good ROI, you will be happy to keep paying us each month. That’s the way it should be.


What can Prime ISA do for me?


Your time is worth money. Is it the highest and best use of your time as a professional Realtor to spend hours every single day making phone calls calling your leads? Perhaps not. This is where Prime ISA comes in. We will do all of the hard work for you every single day calling your leads and booking appointments and follow-ups. We don’t stop calling your leads until we either book an appointment, or they tell us to leave them alone and that they aren’t interested.

What sets Prime ISA apart from other ISA or appointment setting services?


Because we care how successful you are. These aren’t just empty hollow words, we back up these words with our ACTIONS. Every single day. For example, let’s say that you start off with 100 leads that you would like Prime ISA to call to try and set appointments on your behalf. After the first day of phone calls, it’s very possible that out of those 100 leads 25 of them are bad phone numbers and another 25 of those people said they were not interested in buying or selling. So in less than 24 hours, you are down to 50 callable leads. Other companies will tell you TOO BAD, SO SAD, and will only continue calling those 50 leads. Quite frankly, that is ridiculous and is setting you up for FAILURE from day one.


Here is how Prime ISA is different and is invested in your success from day one – we will ALWAYS replace your bad phone number and not interested leads. Always! This means that if out of 100 leads that you provide to Prime ISA if 25 are bad phone numbers and 25 are not interested, we will let you replace those 50 leads with a different 50 for us to try. THAT IS THE SECRET TO BEING SUCCESSFUL WITH OUR PROGRAM – give us enough leads to call and we WILL book your appointments. Our competitors don’t do this, and most likely never will. Why? Because their words do not match their actions. If they were truly invested in your success why would they NOT let you replace the bad phone number and not interested leads? Like us, they also realize this is the key component that will make or break a successful calling campaign.

The ONLY WAY that this doesn’t work in the long term is if we don’t have enough leads to call for you. That’s it. As long as we have enough leads to call, and we keep calling over time, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. You WILL get appointments booked for you.

Prime ISA now has different packages available at different price points to match different budgets and the number of leads that you would like called.

Prime ISA – Pricing

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Our Job is to Book APPOINTMENTS for you – Plain and Simple!

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    Prime ISA Services Monthly

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    Prime ISA Services

    monthly price: $299.99





    Monthly $0.00

    *Prime Seller Leads™  ISA Service is billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime prior to your next billing date. Please see our Terms & Conditions. Monthly charges will appear on your statement as RBO Services. Upon completion of payment you will be taken to a page to submit all your agency details so we can customize your calling campaign. Our ISA team will reach out to you to setup your calling campaign. Questions? Contact us at (844) 992-1337.



    Prime ISA – Testimonials

    Why These Agents  Our Real Estate ISA’s


    Sims Coaching Systems, Inc.
    Keller Williams Realty

    Prime ISA – What Makes Us The Best

    Get Started Today!

    Our Job is to Book APPOINTMENTS for you – Plain and Simple!

    Professional, Florida Based, in-house, Real Estate ISA's.

    Replace all disinterested, or bad phone number leads.

    VIP support with agents available by phone, text email + chat.

    Our one and only job is to book appointments for you.

    Leave the stress of making consistent daily phone calls to us.

    USA + Canada Friendly. We bill in your local currency.

    We call from a phone number in your local area code.

    Consistent calling leads to more buyer & seller contracts.

    Prime ISA – Customer Reviews

    Why These Agents  Our ISA’s


    Jason Simard

    CEO SIMS Real Estate Group

    “We are focusing a lot on investing in internet leads that are seller focused. I’ve made an investment in lead generation with Prime Seller Leads which has been working well for us!”

    Kaleo Ahina Prime Seller Leads Review

    Joseph “Kaleo” Ahina

    CEO Hawaii Realty Group

    “I just got 4 new listings from PSL. The average time to listing was 4 months. I am more than happy to talk to potential new PSL clients. Have them call me for a live testimonial!”


    John Tsai

    Team Leader – The John Tsai Group

    “Josh has been helping us cultivating seller leads in which we have converted one that we listed & sold for $1.925 million, which paid for years of this program. I highly recommend PSL to anyone is who is looking for high quality leads.”

    Dominate the competition in your market

    What makes Prime ISA different?

    • Contracts and Setup Fees:  Never
    • Competitors Primary Contact Method:  Text (SMS)
    • Our Primary Contact Method:  Phone Calls
    • Competitors Avg. ISA Team Experience:  Less than 6 Months
    • Our ISA Team Experience:  5+ Years
    • The Competition Calls or Texts your Leads: Weekly or several times weekly.
    • We Call your LeadsDaily
    • Easy billing in your Local Currency:  USD or CAD
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      • \Looking for more info on ISA Services? We are offline right now! Leave us a message.

      We will reply to you as soon as possible.



      Business Operating Hours:
      Mon - Fri
      9:30AM to 6:30PM

      Sit Back, Relax, and Take your Time

      When you are ready, we will talk…

      Until then, take a stroll through our website, it’s jam-packed with information to help you decide if Prime Seller Leads is right for your business.  If you would like to have a pressure-free phone conversation, give us a call.  No one from PSL will ever call you, or even try and close you.

      That’s not how we operate.


      Let’s talk about taking your real estate business to the next level.

      (844) 992-1337

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        • \Looking for more info on ISA Services? We are offline right now! Leave us a message.

        We will reply to you as soon as possible.



        Business Operating Hours:
        Mon - Fri
        9:30AM to 6:30PM