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Stack your Listing Pipeline with Motivated Seller Leads for the Next 12 Months

High Quality Seller Leads

Motivated Seller Leads

The only way you can list a home is if you are working with the actual homeowner.  Leads that come from Google Ads are motivated homeowners.  We are only focused on generating high-quality motivated leads who are interested in selling their home.

No Contracts or Setup Fees

Contracts are Nonsense

We are confident enough in the quality of our leads,  that we know that if you are successful and have a good ROI, you will be happy to keep paying us each month. In our opinion, that is the way it should be. There is no reason to trap you, like our competitors do, with a 6 or 12 month contract.

We Integrate with Everyone

Your CRM or Ours?

All seller lead marketing accounts come with our proprietary CRM built for seller leads.  Our specially designed seller lead drip campaigns include custom texts and emails that will get your leads on the phone.  Have your own CRM already?  No problem – we integrate with everyone.

100% Complete Setup

100% Complete Setup

You are a professional at selling real estate. We are marketing professionals who have setup tens of thousands of seller lead sites and marketing campaigns. Leave all of the setup to us, so that you can focus on what you do best! Your website will be fully optimized and prepared to convert traffic into leads between 15-35%.


“We simply must have the right eyeballs viewing our ads…”

To be successful, and to give you the highest and best chance of turning a lead into a listing, our marketing campaigns must be focused on generating leads that are searching you out, and are genuinely interested in and want to talk to you about selling their home.

We simply must have the right eyeballs viewing our ads. It does us no good if the people viewing our ads aren’t interested in what we are offering.

“We don’t want to chase people, we want them to chase us.”


To be a high-quality lead, we are looking for people in your area that actually took action on their own to search you out. People who will willingly give us their name, property address, email, and phone number. If they don’t provide us with their phone number, we do not consider them a real lead. If a lead is truly ready, willing, and able they will not have any issue whatsoever providing us with their phone number, and be expecting a phone call from you.

We aren’t trying to just generate a gazillion leads for you regardless of their quality. We are only focused on generating high-quality leads who are interested in what you are offering. That’s the key to running a successful marketing campaign. We don’t want to chase people, we want them chasing us.

“Facebook leads are full of fake names and phone numbers. When you call, they deny ever having been on your website. Sound familiar?”


With Facebook, individuals only see your ad because they are scrolling through their news feed and are physically located in a particular area. They didn’t take any action on their own to search you out, they saw your ad, were curious and clicked.

Traffic (clicks) from Facebook traffic are always curiosity-clickers.  They didn’t open Facebook to search for you, or most likely any other Realtor.  Instead, like everyone else, they went on to Facebook because they were bored and wanted to snoop on friends or watch funny videos.

Leads from Google Ads are people who actually took action by typing in particular keywords into Google. Some examples would be seller lead themed keywords such as “selling my home”, “how do I sell my home”, “how much is my home worth?” and hundreds and hundreds of other similar keywords. These individuals then, in turn, saw your ad and clicked on it to land on your website where they then were turned into a lead.

Leads that come from Google Ads are always intent-clickers.  They took action on their own to go to Google and type in very specific keyword searches that are related to selling their home.  These individuals are the exact people that you want to be talking to.  These are people who are proactively searching for the service that you are offering, help with selling their home, in your area.

Because of this, there is a dramatic difference in the quality of leads between Facebook and Google Ads.

“Anyone can generate hundreds of leads quickly for you, that doesn’t take any talent. What does, is generating motivated leads interested in selling.”

We suggest at least a $10 per day, or $300 per month, Google Ads budget. We use Google Ads traffic as the high-quality traffic to feed into our Prime Seller Leads landing pages, which then converts that high-quality traffic into high-quality leads.

Depending on your monthly advertising budget, Google only charges 30 days after they begin sending you traffic, so it’s not an upfront cost. Typically, if you started on May 1st, the first time that you would be billed by Google would be on June 1st.

Additionally, Google Ads has a brand new FREE ADVERTISING promotion going on.  After you spend $500 on Google Ads advertising within the first 60 days, Google will credit your Ads account with a FREE $500 Google Ads credit.  For most agents, that is going to be 1+ months of FREE Google Ads traffic and leads.

So, with a $300 per month Google Ads budget, you should expect between 25-35 good high-quality seller leads each month. All leads will have their full name, property address, email, and phone number. If they don’t provide their phone number, then I do not consider them a full lead and we do not want them.

Need a lot more than 25-35 leads?  We have you covered.  You can raise your Google Ads budget as high as you would like.  Our fee always remains the same.

We are only after high-quality serious people. Serious people will always willingly give us their phone number, and be expecting a phone call from you.

Don’t accept anything less than this type of quality from your real estate lead provider.

Prime Seller Leads Monthly

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Prime Seller Leads – Monthly

monthly price: $299.99





First Month$0.00

Prime Seller Leads™ is billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime prior to your next billing date. Please see our Terms & Conditions. Monthly charges will appear on your statement as RBO Services. Upon completion of payment you will be taken to a page to submit all your agency details so we can customize your site. Our marketing team will reach out to you to setup your advertising account and determine
marketing area and budget. Questions? Contact us at (844) 992-1337.

**Marketing budget is not included in subscription pricing.

Prime Seller Leads™ – Testimonials

Why These Agents  Our Seller Leads


Sims Coaching Systems, Inc.
Keller Williams Realty

PRIME SELLER LEADS™ – What Makes Us The Best?

Features every listing agent needs

Rockstar Real Estate PPC Management

Rockstar Google Ads PPC Management with our in-house PPC team.

No Contracts No Setup Fees

No Contracts and No Set-up Fees. Your ROI is our contract.

VIP Support for all PSL Packages

VIP support with agents available by phone, text email + chat.

We Integrate with Everyone

Want to use your own CRM? No problem. We integrate with everyone.

Full Real Estate CRM

Full CRM for managing leads, follow-up plans and marketing.

Custom Seller Email Drip Campaigns

Custom Drip Email campaigns designed to engage your leads.

Prime Intelligence

Prime Intelligence on every lead providing additional home details.

Responsive Seller Lead Landing Pages

Responsive Landing pages that look great on all devices.

Prime Seller Leads™ – Customer Reviews

Why These Agents  Our System


Jason Simard

CEO SIMS Real Estate Group

“We are focusing a lot on investing in internet leads that are seller focused. I’ve made an investment in lead generation with Prime Seller Leads which has been working well for us!”

Kaleo Ahina Prime Seller Leads Review

Joseph “Kaleo” Ahina

CEO Hawaii Realty Group

“I just got 4 new listings from PSL. The average time to listing was 4 months. I am more than happy to talk to potential new PSL clients. Have them call me for a live testimonial!”


John Tsai

Team Leader – The John Tsai Group

“Josh has been helping us cultivating seller leads in which we have converted one that we listed & sold for $1.925 million, which paid for years of this program. I highly recommend PSL to anyone is who is looking for high quality leads.”

What sets PSL apart from the competition?

  • We Do Not Believe in Contracts or Setup Fees
  • Other Companies Use Facebook Ads
  • We Use Google Ads
  • The Competition Outsource their Marketing Overseas
  • Our Marketing Team is In-House and Florida Based
  • Competitors Treat your Campaigns as a “Set it and Forget it” Account
  • PSL Checks your Campaigns 7 Days Per Week & 365 Days Per Year
  • PSL has Generated over 15 Million Leads for our Clients

How is our real estate marketing service different?

Sit Back, Relax, and Take your Time

When you are ready, we will talk…

Until then, take a stroll through our website, it’s jam-packed with information to help you decide if Prime Seller Leads is right for your business.  If you would like to have a pressure-free phone conversation, give us a call.  No one from PSL will ever call you, or even try and close you.

That’s not how we operate.


Let’s talk about taking your real estate business to the next level.

(844) 992-1337